Many experience relaxation and tranquility during off mat yoga practice. But, on leaving the comfort and safety of the mat and entering the world of bosses, traffic, and other activities, the yogi relaxed demeanor disappears fast. It is essential to living and trusts off mat yoga poses that work on and off the mat. Begin with the day to day practices wearing yoga pants:

 off mat yoga

Be Alert about Your Body and do off mat Yoga poses

Off-mat yoga usually finds ways throughout the day and so being aware of the postures is helpful. You can notice alignment and your body position changing with the practice of yoga and can become alerted about the positions your body takes on sitting, standing and moving all through the day. Remember few points without fail:

1- Sit with a straight spine anytime you sit

2- Walk in position such that your neck and height is straight

3- Keep your feet pointed and straight forwards while standing

4- Notice if your neck and spine rounds or hunches when texting

5- Notice your mouth, jaw and forehead when focused or stressed

These are the postures you are mostly in all through the day. The more you check, the more you learn about your body and the ways you hold yourself, why and where you hold tension in your body. You need not always be in Yoga poses, but be aware of the alignment of your body.

Next time when you happen to wait for coffee in a line, you may notice your body position, how you are standing, avoiding checking your emails on your iPhone. In case you are standing much to one side, realize and make essential adjustments and get back to balance. If you realize you are holding unnecessary tension in your shoulders, jaw or hands, use the deep breath and let it go.

Concentrate on Your Breath with and along off mat Yoga poses

Breathing is a normal practice that takes place regularly. Yet, apart from the yoga time you may concentrate on the breathing practice. Take small moments and check in the breathing during the yoga class. Pay good attention to your pattern of breathing and how many deep breaths you take. This reveals your stress level and state of mind. Becoming aware of the breath keeps you steady and in turn we steady our mind and body, thus leaving our body relaxed and balanced. You must be certain to take deep breaths even during uncomfortable emotions, sensations or situations arising. Breathing deeply, even in uncomfortable sensations, permits relaxing and evolving. So, begin your day with deep abdominal and long breaths so that you kick-start the breath awareness practice and get ready to face with poise and composure your day.

Breathing is very important aspect of life, tune your breath several times a day, notice its natural flow, and see how at different times it changes. The flow and quality of your breath will reflect the way you feeling internally, so as you deepen and steady your breath, you feel more calm and centered. This is an awesome practice, especially if you are going for an important meeting, appointment or interview.

Give some Time for Yourself for off mat Yoga poses

 In this connected, busy world, practicing off mat yoga offers the much required space and time so that it offers a break from the real outside world. Having this space allows one to stop thinking or comparing oneself with others. In fact, one can conjure all the strength in doing this as we need within. However, for doing this, we have to give some time for self and create shore periods of quiet and spend time alone, so that you feel safe with yourselves. You can do or try this in many ways such as:

1- Wake up earlier than you regularly get up and enjoy in solitude the quiet morning

2- Do a restorative off mat yoga posses for 10 minutes before going to bed to unwind and relax

3- Leave few minutes early for work and spend time breathing consciously or meditating in your car prior to rushing into the office.

Taking a morning tea break, while you are busy at work or getting up 5 minutes earlier and trying Yoga poses prior to breakfast, or even enjoy a nice hot bath after getting home, instead of a quick shower. You do not actually need to wait for a yoga class to create space for yourself.

There are countless ways, but these are some really effective ways of doing yoga off your mat.