Tips On Hot Yoga Of Bikram Choudhry

hot yoga

Bikram Yoga is a hot yoga practice founded by Bikram Choudhury. Many people find this hot practice worthy, but many do not appreciate this hot chamber yoga. Here are some basics of hot yoga that will be of immense help. Buy comfortable yoga pants for this.

hot yoga

Benefits of Hot Yoga

Bikram yoga that is prominent as hot yoga includes 26 hand postures or mudras and breathing exercises known as pranayama breathing. The benefit of doing this yoga is believed to make people more confident and happier, as per a recent study. People who performed Bikram Yoga for 60 days reported life satisfaction and increase in self-evaluation. The devotees say hot yoga practice improves strength, flexibility, increases libido and skin glows. In fact, prominent celebrities such as David Beckham and Lady Gaga also agree.

Bikram hot Yoga Risks

The main fact to be understood is that Bikram yoga practicing is a risk for a timid. If you wish to enjoy the hot yoga benefits, you must be ready to sweat at 105 degrees F and humidity of 40%. This also includes wearing minimum such as speedos for men and shorts and bras for women.

Exercising in the heat may be overwhelming, but you must drink lots of water. However, if there are health concerns, consult your doctor.

 Bikram hot Yoga Beginners Tips

Practicing safely is the first tip.

Before class:

  • Eat your meal minimum 3 hours prior to this hot yoga class. In case you feel hungry, go for some light snack. Eating heavy will make you uncomfortable while practicing.
  • Take 2 large towels; one for the shower and one to put on the mat so that it absorbs the sweat. Leave your belongings in the car as most yoga studios lack lockers.
  • Arrive 10-15 minutes early. Change into comfortable, light clothes.

 During class:

Tolerate wiping the sweat away. Allow sweat evaporation to cool you off. Wipe off your feet or hands if it helps you to get into a posture, but avoid towel drying your body.

Do not compel in doing tough poses.  With practice, you can do it later. Try one pose at a time by understanding the technique and your breath poses. Take things lightly and keep your mind calm.

If you feel dizzy, lie on your back, drink water and get your breath back.

After class:

You will lose water in tons so refuel as it is important to stay hydrated. So take electrolytes and water immediately after the practice. You can add sea salt to filtered water or also enjoy coconut water. Another great food is bananas as a snack as they are rich in potassium and carbs. Remember to drink 2 liters of water and say no to alcohol, minimize caffeine as they lead to dehydration.

Do hot yoga but with care.





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