Yoga is famous word nowadays. Everybody wants to do, but no one knows What to do first in yoga.  Here I am going to share you some details which are very important before starting …


  • Wake up before sunrise. After leaving bed take deep breadth four to five times. Try to make your body relaxed. Now drink one liter of water.
  • After getting fresh try to start with easy asana {practice}. You have to do the practice from easy to hard. In the beginning, you have to those asanas which will keep your body fit.
  • Fix the time of your meals, sleeping and yoga practice. You can break this timing only in emergencies not always.
  • It’s more beneficial to do yoga before sunrise, but if you can’t do you can do within one hour after sunrise.
  • If you can’t do in the morning you can do by eve at the time of sunset.
  • First of all do that asana which you can do easily, daily and regularly. After some days move on to hard one.
  • Do wear comfortable yoga pants.


  • Never eat before doing You have to keep your stomach empty.
  • Don’t take alcohol, meat, spices, tea, coffee, cigarette etc. if you can’t leave spices try to use in less proportion.
  • Taking Sprouted chana dal, mong dal, and wheat etc grains with honey after doing yoga is beneficial.
  • Have vegetarian food which is easily digested. Include green vegetables, fruits and milk in your meals.
  • If possible do fasting once in a week. After fasting take some light meal.

What to do first in yoga- Things to be kept in mind at the time of doing yoga-

When you should not do-

  • If your are above 10 years you can do yoga. Kids below 10 years are not allowed to do.
  • Kids above 10 years can do but can’t practice hard yoga. Some yoga practices are not for old page people.
  • If you are not well you are not allowed to do yoga.
  • Pregnant ladies are not allowed to do hard yoga practices.

What to do first in yoga-When to do and how to do?

  • Do yoga before sunrise or at the time of sunset.
  • Do yoga in the garden or any open area. Do save yourself from high waves.
  • Wear relaxed outfit while doing yoga.
  • Place your mat on the ground and then do yoga.
  • Don’t talk while doing yoga. Don’t take a breath through your mouth.
  • If you are going to do yoga in eve don’t eat anything after taking lunch.
  • Relax one hour before and after doing yoga in eve.
  • Do yoga very slowly in a relaxed manner. Don’t push your body more to do any yoga practice. Slowly you will be able to do hard yoga too.
  • Don’t talk while doing yoga as it can harm your body.
  • After doing yoga take a rest in Shavasana. Try to rest same hours which you spent in doing.

I hope you got the answer for this question- What to do first in yoga?